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10 Tips for a Better Postpartum

Baby is here! Time for days full of baby snuggles and total bliss, right?

Well certainly there are moments of this - hopefully many moments of this! But postpartum is something that can sometimes catch us by surprise. It is a time of transition - learning, growing, discovering new ways of thinking, doing, and living, all while healing from your body's miraculous work of growing and birthing your baby. Along with this time of transition and healing can come some not so enjoyable moments as well. So how can you prepare for postpartum? Well, after three postpartum experiences of my own, I can say that I think it may be impossible to be fully prepared. However, I will also say that there are certainly things you can do to help yourself maximize the moments of baby snuggles and total bliss and set yourself up for a more comfortable, peaceful, and enjoyable postpartum.

In this blog series, I will be sharing 10 of my best tips for a better postpartum. You will find the full list here - in the coming weeks, each tip will link to its own blog post with further explanation and resources.

Certainly there are other things that can be done ahead of baby's arrival, but these are my tried and true suggestions from my own personal experiences and from my experiences with families I've had the honor of supporting in their journeys.

10. Hire a Postpartum Doula


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