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Our Classes

**Offering virtual, in-person, and hybrid options**

The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

Learn the specific stages of labor and techniques to use in each stage, with an emphasis on partner coaching. This comprehensive series also includes information on how to stay healthy & low-risk, working with your birth team, birth plans, variations & options, postpartum, and a bit on breastfeeding. My husband co-teaches, providing an authentic perspective on the partner's role in birth and beyond.

Your Birth: Beyond the Basics

Learn about the natural process of birth, evidence-based care, and techniques for more comfort and efficiency in labor. Your partner will learn tools they can use to support you. This class goes beyond what is shared in hospital-based classes to help you and your partner be truly informed and prepared going into your birth.

Birth Planning Consultation

Understand your options so you can go into your birth with confidence. After discussing your preferences, I will create a clear, concise birth plan for your use in communicating with your birth team. (Consultations customized based on families' interests. Possible other topics include: optimizing nutrition in pregnancy, exploring local options for care, processing past births and making a plan forward, etc.)

Comfort Measures Workshop

Practice various comfort measures, learning how you and your support person can apply them during your labor.

Please contact me to find options appropriate for your due date.

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