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We feel honored to have shared in such a special time with these families,

and we would be honored to support you in this part of your journey as well!

"Lacy and Jason make an amazing teaching team. The class is very participant-focused, allowing flexibility based upon participant interests, goals, and needs. Sessions are well planned, and additional readings and resources are provided for participants to learn more on their own. It provided me with the confidence to be my own advocate for my medical care and provided a framework for my partner to have a strong role in the birth process."

"Lacy was a perfect instructor. Informative, educated, researched more or provided referrals when necessary. Jason was great as comic relief and providing partner perspectives. The series was great. I rave about it to everyone!"

"Taking the Bradley Method® Series helped us have a successful VBAC. We had the knowledge and tools to help us make important decisions during labor. Lacy and Jason were great to work with and we would definitely recommend this class to others!"

"The Bradley Method® classes gave my husband & I the ability to stay calm during my labor & delivery. It prepared us for what was going to happen in each stage, what we could do to make delivery more comfortable, & how to communicate with one another during labor. Not only did it strengthen my body & mind in preparation for labor, but it really strengthened the relationship between my husband & I."

"This class was 100% the reason the birth of my second child went so well. Lacy provided great resources, tools and insights which allowed my husband and I to prepare for a natural childbirth. The material was easy to digest and apply while in labor. We were able to have the natural childbirth we had hoped for. I am so thankful we took this class!"

"Awesome instructor that informed and prepared us for the birth of our baby. I feel so much more comfortable about the process now than I did 10 weeks ago. She did a fantastic job keeping all students engaged and was not afraid to take on any questions/concerns we had throughout the process. If she did not have an answer, she would track it down for us. Overall, I would definitely recommend this course - coming from a skeptical coach!"

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