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Private Consultations

During pregnancy, many families discover that there is so much to know about pregnancy and birth. Becoming truly well-informed is empowering for families, and allows them to navigate choices confidently and go into their birth experience without fear.


Schedule a private consultation to speak with a birth expert who will guide you through the process of birth and beyond - answering your questions and helping you prepare for a beautiful birth experience!


Birth Planning Consultation

Explore your full range of birthing options from onset of labor, all the way through newborn procedures and postpartum. We will provide evidence-based information to help you fully understand your options, and guide you through the process by helping you determine your preferences - interventions you'd like to avoid, alternatives, and priorities. We will then create a customized written birth plan you can use to clearly and concisely communicate with your birth team.

Prenatal Plan Consultation

Your prep work in pregnancy will have a huge impact on the way your birthing journey unfolds. In this session, discover all the ways you can be preparing for a beautiful, comfortable, and efficient birth. Consultation will be customized to your interests, but can include: discovering care provider options in your area, understanding proper nutrition in pregnancy to prevent complication, exploring community resources that align with your birthing goals, or just answering specific questions you may have (VBAC, Breech, Multiples, and other variations).

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Postpartum Plan Consultation

Create a plan for a better postpartum! In this session, we will guide you through the process of preparing for the early days and weeks after baby is born. We will help you build a postpartum support system and put things in place now for your fourth trimester.

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