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Birth Stories

In our classes, we incorporate birth stories - honest accounts from mothers who have given birth. Not only do our couples learn many story lines birth can follow, but it gives space for them to consider how they feel about various situations and opens lines of communication between mother and partner on how they might respond in those situations.


Cambry Jean

At 36 weeks my provider told me that first-time mothers could not have a natural, unmedicated birth. My training in The Bradley Method gave me the confidence I needed to switch to a supportive provider. It was one of the best decisions I've made! Then at 39 weeks, our birth story didn't begin quite how we'd pictured, but our training in The Bradley Method helped us know how to move forward. We had a beautiful birth with no pain medications and minimal intervention.

Delaney Louise

Our training in The Bradley Method gave us knowledge and confidence needed to handle a variation of pregnancy. Delaney was in breech position for much of the last trimester. We tried natural methods for encouraging her to move head-down without success. After much research and consulting with my birth team, we chose to have an external cephalic version. It was successful, and after a spontaneous start to labor, Delaney was born on her due date after a natural, unmedicated labor.


Ryland James

I've heard your third birth is a wildcard, and for me this meant a very long labor. With a variation in baby's positioning, we relied heavily on our training in The Bradley Method in a labor full of starts and stops. When faced with a decision in labor we used our skills to obtain true informed consent and avoided the need for intervention. I truly believe that without out training, our birth story would have taken a very different path.

Maevyn Eliese

This birth was by far my most comfortable and efficient birth - so comfortable and efficient that we only spent about 10 minutes of labor at the hospital! Our Bradley Method training helped us know exactly where we were in the stages of labor, how to slow my body down on our drive, and how to advocate for our preferences once we had arrived at the hospital - even in a scenario that was a bit rushed.

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